Independence Day August 15 1947


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           Independence Day August 15  1947

One of the most memorable days in the indian history  is 15 August . its is the day on which the Indian sub content got Independence after long a struggle . India has three festivals That ARE Celebrated By Whole Nation as One. One Being The Independence Day (15th August),The Other Two Being Republic day (26th January) And Gandhi Jayanthi (2nd October). After Indpendence ,India Became the Largest Democracy In the World . We Fought very hard to get our independence from the Britishers .  

History And Importance  of Independence Day

Almost two centuries Britishers ruled over us . All the citizen of the country  Suffered a lot due to these oppressors. British officials treat us like slaves until we manage to fight back against them.

we struggled for our independence but work tirelessly and selflessly under the guidance our leaders Jawaharlal Nehru ,Subhash Chandra Bose , Mahatma Gandhi,, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh..etc. Some of the leaders choose the path of violence while some choose non violence . The ultimate aim of these Ash to dry out the Britishers from the country. And On 15 August 1947, the long awaited dream come true.

To relieve the moment and to enjoy the spirit of freedom and Independence we celebrate Independence Day. Another reason is to remember the sacrifice and lives who have lost in struggles. Besides, we celebrated it to remind us the thing that is freedom that we enjoyed is the earned hard way .

A part from that celebration wakes up Patriots inside us. Around the celebration, the younger generation is acquainted with the struggles of the people who lived at that time. 

Activities of the Independence Day

Although it's a national holiday the people of the country celebrate it with enthusiasm. School, offices, societies and colleges celebrate this day by organising various small and big events. 

Every year at Red Fort the Prime Minister of India host the national flag. In the corner of occasion, 21 Gun shots are fired. This is the beginning of the main event. This event is later and followed by Army parade.

The school and colleges organised cultural activities and events some programs like debate , quiz competition, speeches,.....etc

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